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After building my business as an entrepreneur and 'going it alone' for close to 7 years,

I realized that I craved three things: resources, inspiration, and community.

Let's face it. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely.

Some days you spend so many hours creating, writing, and visualizing your next steps,

only to realize the only human interaction you've had was with the barista who made your morning latte. 

And sometimes you KNOW you need a coach to ignite a change within your business,

but you are not sure which program, course, or group to join.

THIS is why The Shine Lab was created.

The Shine Lab is the ultimate FREE membership for heart-led entrepreneurs.

If you are ready to leverage who you are uniquely as your competitive advantage,

entice your perfect prospects with messaging that attracts them to you,

activate your superpowers to multiply your lead flow,

and dominate your niche and your day with strategies that

make consistently "showing up" easy and fun.

Community + Collaboration + Accountability + (Your) Roadmap = Fulfillment

Each month, new resources will be provided for members.

In addition, we will have live coaching calls and trainings each week,

as well as brainstorming sessions, expert interviews, member spotlights, and more. Join today!


Not an entrepreneur yet? This will be a safe community for you as well!

Whether you're just starting out, still brainstorming your idea, or rebuilding/redesigning your business, surround yourself with a supportive community so you can soar!

Membership Benefits

International & Inclusive


Uniting entrepreneurs from across the globe! There is truly power in community and magic that happens when we connect on a deeper level with like-minded people.



All members may apply to be interviewed on the Modern Lightworkers podcast, hosted by Janet, The Shine Lab Founder and Coach. Promote your business, share your non-profit, advertise your offer!



All of the training videos and handouts are saved in our private group on Facebook for you to access anytime. 



Janet is a 9-time published author and has helped more than 40 entrepreneurs get published. Members will have special opportunities to join publishing programs and collaborative book projects.



Coaching calls weekly (live over Facebook and/or zoom) where you can bring questions, needs, ideas, or whatever you need help with. Every member on the call will be given the opportunity to share.



As the community grows, experts from all areas of entrepreneurship will share knowledge and training with The Shine Lab members. Topics will include social media, branding, blogging, confidence, online leads, and more to help you SHINE!

I admit it. For many years I was a "one-woman" show.

In fact, I'm still pretty much that today.

And I only wish I'd had a community and support like The Shine Lab

when I first launched my business.

The time to join is now! And it's free... so why wait?

"If you want to go fast, go alone;
if you want to go far, go together."
~African Proverb

What do you want to create?

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Writing

Want to write a book and be THE expert in your industry?

We can do it in the Lab!

Shine Lab favicon.png

Want to create an online course so you have passive income? 

We can do it in the Lab!

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Video Personality

The sky is the limit!

entrepreneur coach

Hey, Janet here ...

I'm an action taker.

It's one of my gifts.

As a kid, I was told I was impulsive, but later I realized I just take action when others keep thinking about it. And it's part of why I love coaching clients who KNOW there is something amazing within them they want to create. Whether it's a business, a course, a book, or an event, my mission is to help them SHINE.

Are you ready to shine?


Q: Is the Shine Lab right for me?


Only you know the answer to that. ;-) But if you are looking for a fun, supportive community to help catapult you in your business, then it will be a perfect fit.

Q: I don't have a business yet. Can I still join?


Absolutely! Most people have an idea of a business or passion project they'd love to create, often even when they are still working full-time. So even if you're a wanna-preneur or someday-preneur, you will find inspiration and support here.

Q: What is the time commitment each week/month?


The Shine Lab is designed to be a resource when you need it. That means that all calls, trainings, and sessions are recorded and stored for members. There are certainly opportunities to engage daily in the group and get all the benefits, but it's very much 'go at your own pace' and 'join us when you can.' 

Q: What kind of coaching is included in my membership?


Each week, Coach Janet will open a zoom call or Facebook live and do 'coaching hours.' This is an opportunity to get on-the-spot coaching for anything you need, as well as get ideas or encouragement from the group. If you cannot attend live, you can submit questions to be addressed, and of course the recordings will be saved for you. 

Have more questions? Message our team here.

entrepreneur coaching

See you in the Lab!

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