Dare to Shift

Collaborative Book Opportunity

Remember last year on January 1st, when we rang in the new year and toasted 'CHEERS' to 2020?

So many dreams and ideas, events (remember those?) and opportunities!

Yeah, good times.

Before you burn your vision board, let's take some final steps

to end this dumpster fire of a year on a better note, shall we?

We are looking for your awesome stories of how you

had to shift this year in your life or business. 

What changes did you implement?

What did you have to let go of or release?

What did you gain in return?

We know this year has brought heartbreak, loss, devastation, and disappointment for many folks...

And that is why we need to share some inspiring stories.

Stories of resilience, strength, courage, and more.

Have you received the calling to become an author?

Perhaps you LOVE to write, and just haven't been able to get those creative juices flowing enough to get published.

Or maybe the whole editing part kinda freaks you out.

Here's the great news!

We do it all!

Well, not ALL of it. You have to actually do the writing part. But we will edit it, format it, and make it gorgeous for publishing. 

Our goal is to have this book published and in the hands of readers around the world by June 2021. 

And because we want to help as many people as possible, we are slashing our author fee almost in half!


We are also not going to set a limit to the number of authors! That's right - we are going to set a deadline for applications, and we promise to take each and every story. We are committed to this project, can you tell?

Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 6.13.12 PM.png


  • Get published! (duh)

  • Extensive editing and formatting provided

  • Be featured on our website & social media channels

  • Be featured on our podcast as an author

  • Custom social media images provided for promotion

  • Low cost book pricing for personal sales and gifts

  • 1000-2500 word submission

  • Provide bio and headshot

  • Sign up by February 28th

  • Final chapter submission by March 1st

  • Participate in social media campaigns


Author Fee:

*Administrative fee covers editing & formatting costs

$222 paid in full

or 2 payments of $117


Download a copy of the author application

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