Have You Received the Calling
to Become an Author?

Our mission at Modern Lightworkers is to help people fulfill their dreams of sharing their unique light with the world. One of the amazing ways we do this is through anthology or collaborative book projects.

We have proudly helped more than 45 people become first time authors since 2017!

We have the following upcoming book projects and are looking for authors (experience not necessary.)

Perhaps you LOVE to write, and just haven't been able to get those creative juices flowing enough to get published.

Or maybe the whole editing part kinda freaks you out.

Here's the great news!

We do it all!

Well, not ALL of it. You have to actually do the writing part. But we will edit it, format it, and make it gorgeous for publishing. Your author fee includes a free brainstorming session with our in-house publisher and Shine Coach, Janet Bernstein, as well as the editing, formatting, and social media images for you to promote during the book release. You also have access to exclusive author pricing, and can sell your own autographed copies for your clients, friends, etc.

The Benefits:
  • Get published! (duh)

  • Access to coaching services for brainstorming or marketing ideas

  • Extensive editing for grammar and flow provided

  • Custom formatting provided

  • Be featured on our website & social media channels

  • Custom social media images provided for promotion

  • Low cost book pricing for personal sales and gifts

Current Book Opportunities:
"Second Chances"
  • Stories about finding love again after divorce or death of a spouse

  • Finding success after failure or despair

  • Forgiveness of a relationship or yourself

  • Rediscovering yourself or your spiritual journey

  • Transformation of body/mind/soul

  • Near death experience

  • Overcoming trauma or loss

"Guided by Purpose"
  • The story of how you launched your business or non-profit

  • Overcoming challenges to stay true to your mission

  • How you named your business or chose your purpose

  • What makes you different (in your approach or services, etc.)

  • Stories of times you almost quit or had to make a change

Your story matters.