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What is a Modern Lightworker?

I'm gonna be honest here.

When I first created Modern Lightworkers, a joint idea with my amazing daughter (Ariana) - we thought it was going to be resources and tools for empaths, lightworkers, healers, and spiritually-guided folks. Woo-woo, mystical, magical.

So we launched it, promoted it, and began recording podcast episodes and interviewing people we felt were showing up this way.

And it was fun and magical!

Until it wasn't.

You see, the spiritual community ended up feeling very clique-y. Lots of judgmental interactions seemed to keep happening, and both Ariana and I soon felt disenchanted with the whole mission. We decided to take a break from the podcast and the work, which turned into a full abandonment of the mission and business. I shifted my attention back to my coaching and digital media business, and considered renaming every aspect of my work to drop the lightworker piece from my image.

But during this extended break (about 9 months)... something else happened that was unexpected.

It was revealed to me exactly WHY I was meant to launch Modern Lightworkers, and that I was here to redefine the term and bring new LIGHT (yep, pun totally intended) to the mission.

So the mission of Modern Lightworkers is simply to help you show up and shine your light. You don't have to be a spiritual guru, read tarot cards, or channel loved ones who have passed on. All of those folks are welcome, but we ALL have a magical light within that is meant to shine. We all have gifts and talents, and sometimes we need a little reminder to show up and shine. THAT is a Modern Lightworker.

So stick around if you need a little inspiration and reminder from me, the Shine Coach. I'm cheering for you, always.


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