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Living Your Legacy

Most of my coaching clients are passionate about what they do and who they serve, but they are also incredibly aware that they have a legacy they want to build and leave behind. Their work is usually far greater than a mission statement, and money isn't the driving factor; making a difference is what my clients strive for daily.

But often, when clients first hire me, they may find themselves in a bit of a burnout phase.

They aren't really sure why, but they are no longer motivated to start the new projects, or they feel overwhelmed and appear to be procrastinating. So nothing is moving forward, and nothing is growing, even when they know they need to be doing more.

And what I find most is that they are so busy focusing on building a legacy, they forget to live it as well.

Questions to ask yourself if this is you:

  1. Are you choosing JOY every day? Do you have things you love to do in your schedule or do you dread it daily?

  2. Are you just checking things off of a list or are you actually focusing on the activities that make you FEEL you are on the right path?

  3. If you found out you have 90 days to live, what would need to change today? And are you equipped and ready to make changes?

If these questions made you think and you'd like to schedule a free 'Sacred Soul Search Session' with me, click here and let's chat.

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