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Am I Spiritual or Religious?

One of the questions I get asked most often by our community is if I am religious, and how that works with my spiritual work. I do tarot and oracle card readings, and this question comes up a lot in those sessions as well.

First of all, I believe you can be both religious and spiritual.

Personally, I am a Christian, and was raised in the non-denominational Christian church. I once was a praise and worship leader, and still absolutely love 90's contemporary Christian music when I hear it. I believe in God, have a relationship with Jesus, and still pray daily. I am, however, married to a Jewish man, and firmly believed we are called to rise above the labels so many seek to slap upon us to divide us or cause us to forget we are all connected. Ultimately, I choose to believe we are all taking unique paths that lead to the same place... the one true God. Perhaps we all just take different routes to get there.

I believe my gifts are God-given, and I do not seek to 'predict the future' or rely upon myself for all the answers. Often times, I use the term 'Universe' or 'Source' to describe God or something greater than us, and I believe you should use whatever term you believe in and resonate with most.

A Lightworker is here to spread light and love, so if you find yourself struggling with this mission or questioning your role as a Lightworker versus your identity in a religious organization, we urge you to simply ask yourself, "what am I going to be remembered for?" Choose love. Choose light. Shed the labels. We are called to rise above them.

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