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"Modern Lightworkers"

Estimated Publish Date: February 2023

Why join the Modern Lightworkers book project?
  • Become a published author! (duh!)

  • Receive hands on coaching from a 9-time published author, Janet Bernstein.

  • Work in a collaborative group of authors for support and encouragement.

  • You have support every step of the way (from idea to final draft).

  • You only have to commit to a chapter, instead of a whole book.

  • Our team does the editing, proofreading, and formatting.

Modern Lightworkers is a collaboration book that will feature authors from all over the world who want to share how they are bringing their unique light to a dark world. It is not just for 'woo-woo' people or ultra-spiritual folks; all are welcome who feel called to share their story. Open to all walks of life, all backgrounds, etc. If you've ever felt that calling to become an author, listen to it! You are meant to share your story. 

Who is this NOT for?

If you are solely seeking an opportunity to make huge profits from publishing, then this is probably not a good fit. While our team will partner with you and help you sell and market your story, book sales are not the priority.

Ideas for Submissions:
  • How you started your business or non-profit

  • Stories of overcoming darkness to shine

  • How you help others in your business or life (with stories)

  • Rediscovering yourself or your spiritual journey

  • Transformation of body/mind/soul

  • Near death experience

  • Overcoming trauma or loss

  • 1500-3000 word submission

  • Provide bio and headshot

  • Chapter submission due by September 30th

  • Participate in social media campaigns

  • Respond to editing emails within 48 hours

  • Deposit required to hold author spot

Admin Fee:

* Admin fee covers editing and formatting

Your story matters.

Our Mission
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