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What is Shine Coaching?

Oh, you've never heard of Shine Coaching before? Geez, where have you been?

I'm totally kidding.

I made up that title anyway, 'cause that's just how I roll.

Shine Coaching is simply my approach to helping you get out of your own way, stop hiding, and start shining.

Most of the women (and a few incredible men) I work with know they are meant to show up bigger, but they're scared to do it.

Perhaps you've been procrastinating, or just not starting that major project because you don't know where to begin.

Or maybe you are stuck, creatively or mentally.


Have you been asking yourself if a re-brand is necessary or just a little brand makeover? I specialize in branding and I can help you work through those questions in a single session to get clarity, peace of mind, and a gameplan in place.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Let's jump on a free mini Shine Session and see how I can help you get to whatever is next for you. The first call is free, so you literally have nothing to lose! (Except time, if you keep waiting...)

** The first session is approximately 20-30 minutes in length and will take place over zoom or by phone. This is simply an introductory call to identify areas in which you need coaching or assistance. Results are not guaranteed. Most clients see progress within 30-60 days of coaching and implementation, but results vary.

Shine like the whole universe is yours...

Our Mission
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