What Exactly Is It?

I've been offering prophetic and intuitive coaching and readings for a while now... and I've been on the receiving end of these transformational sessions for many years.

I vividly remember sitting in a little shop just outside the French Quarter in New Orleans many years ago after signing up for a reading with a reputable medium. He sat silently for several moments as he downloaded the information, and proceeded to blow me away with every word he said. He knew about parts of my childhood I'd never shared with anyone, immediately knew I was also an intuitive, and gave me some incredible insights on my future mission and vision (which are now part of my business and life today.) 

Following the reading, I was instantly inspired and re-charged! I was ready to jump into my calling and devour as much information as I could to immerse myself in knowledge to help me grow. But the next morning, I found myself saying out loud, "what did he say about the crystals I needed to use?" and "how do I overcome this feeling of _______?" 

I soon realized that I needed guidance to help me implement what I had learned. I longed for a summary from the medium himself to explain what he saw and felt, and maybe a list of recommendations on how to get to the next level and activate it all.

So that's what I've created.

Your Prophetic Plan is a unique process to help you identify what's next for you, what's holding you back, and how to breakthrough those blocks. This system is designed for anyone, even someone who has never had an intuitive reading before, as long as you are willing to receive the information and suggestions. 

Step One

Intuitive Card Reading

We will meet on zoom for your personalized intuitive card reading session. I have several card decks I use and will vary from person to person. I will share all of the information with you as I receive the downloads.

Step Two

Your Breakthrough Box

Within about a week of your zoom card reading, you will receive a customized package called Your Breakthrough Box, which will contain some of the following:

  • A beautifully designed summary of your card reading and any downloads received during our session or following it. (I often receive messages after a session.)

  • An inspirational card or similar with a personalized message just for you.

  • A crystal (or crystals) I personally recommend for you with descriptions of each and recommendations for use.

  • And any other personalized items I feel would be beneficial to you in your journey.

Investment: $222