Branding that will make your ideal client say, “More please!”

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the branding and design process, you’re not alone. Instead of focusing on content creation and other income generating activities, many ambitious entrepreneurs are spending half of the afternoon messing around on Canva. Is it fun? Maybe a little bit, but you know your time is best spent elsewhere, and you’re sick of worrying about how to brand yourself as an expert.

How much different would your day look if you didn’t have to stress about your brand image? What would it feel like if you could focus on what you do best, while a branding and design strategist took care of the rest? 

I’d love to invite you to work with me in Brand Alchemy, an intimate 1:1 program in which we’ll co-create a brand that is beautiful, and uniquely you



Knowing exactly what - and where - to post to attract and convert soulmate clients.

Feeling so unbelievably confident in your brand image that your energy shines through every single post.

Not having to take another course, read another book, or sit through another webinar (unless you want to!) because all of the “extra” stuff is already being taken care of. 

Spending your days talking to potential clients, and working only in your zone of genius.

Doubling your engagement on social media, and receiving messages from dream clients saying how much they love your posts.  


Sounds kinda nice, right? If you join me in Brand Alchemy, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Personalized support and intuitive guidance from a branding strategist, creative designer, and mindset expert (that’s me!)

  • My bulletproof framework for crafting a truly authentic personal brand, so you can quickly and effectively position yourself as an an expert and authority in your niche 

  • Gorgeous, high-end visual brand elements (the mindset work is how you know your worth - the visual branding is how you flaunt it)



Because my packages are truly tailored to your individual wants and needs, I don’t want to slap a price on here just for the sake of saying I did it (I’m kinda the queen of breaking the rules these days, especially when it comes to marketing). 



If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking, “Who is this gal, and why should I work with her???”

First of all...because I’m loads of fun! 

But in all seriousness-
I’m not exactly new to this. I earned my BA in English with a concentration in linguistics (the systematic study of the components of language), rhetoric (the art of the effective and persuasive use of language), and cultural studies (encompassing all the socially transmitted assumptions and behaviors that affect a text). I also have 3+ years of branding, design, and social media strategy experience. I’ve had the pleasure of helping countless entrepreneurs bring their visual brand dreams to life and grow their reach on social media - without compromising their integrity, values, or personality quirks. I have become so passionate about simplifying the branding and design processes so that my clients can focus on doing the “work” that will bring in the big bucks (dolla dolla bills, y’all)!


This program is for you if you’re ready to solidify your personal brand and uplevel your visual brand, so you can show up as an authority in your niche and attract your soulmate clients. This transformational program is perfect for coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, and influencers. 

This program is NOT for you if you’re unwilling to hand over the reigns a bit. Part of what makes this work so smoothly is the fact that my clients trust that I’m going to make things look nice. This program is NOT for you if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all approach to branding. Each brand is different. Each design is different. This program is also NOT for you if you don’t value the importance of cohesive, high-end branding. 


If you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur or influencer, the world needs your work now more than ever. You’re ready to be seen as the go-to expert in your niche, but you probably don’t want to devote the next few months of your life to learning the ins and outs of personal or visual branding. 


If you’ve read all of this and are now thinking, “This is exactly what I need,” I’d love to chat about working together. And if you read it and aren’t 100% sure about investing in a complete rebrand right now, that’s okay, too! You’re more than welcome to book a call to discuss my  “à la carte” services, which are totally perfect for when you just need a lil somethin’ extra (lagniappe, as they say down in Louisiana).